Following the Crucible Event, the reconstruction's demand for a  low cost construction tool resulted with the invention of the Pneumatic Beam Fastener, a tool to help facilitate Pre-Fab construction and short term repairs. 

Basic Working Principles

Development details are varied but the basic principle of the Pneumatic Beam Fastener are this, a tool that ejects superheated shards at subsonic speeds  that fasten to beam studs and junctions, folding upon contact and holding walls and beams together when cooled.  The Beam Fastener's cooling mechanism was inspired by pre-heatsink weaponry as a cost saving measure.

Usage history and slang names

The Beam Fastener has seen wide usage on war torn areas of Earth and the Human colonies and has been starting to appear in wildcat terminus colonies.  The slang name it has received on Earth is the "nailgun" for the way its projectiles mirror the ancient tool's projectile system.  It has started to see limited usage in insurgent/nationalist operations when powder firearms and mass effect weapons are not available due to the multipurpose design.

Use in roleplay

Michelle Rondor used a Beam Fastener as a weapon of fortune against a krogan Lower Tayseri Elite enforcer in Fresh Blood, Old Friends.

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