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This is not the face of forgiveness

Pharos is a highly-skilled, extremely brutal Cerberus agent. His real name is unknown, but he is know to be an former N5 Tactical Recon spcialist who was crippled in the Alliance attack on Torfan.

Personal Life

Little is known of Pharos’ personal life except that he was born and raised in London, England, and he signed up with the Alliance Military at 18, shortly before the Skyllian Blitz. He received several commendations following action on Kopchik and Ansur and was selected for the Special Forces, progressing to the rank of N5 by the time of the battle of Torfan. Although a brilliant soldier, Pharos became known for his anti-alien sentiments and ruthless attitude.

Pharos has revealed he was married, but his wife believes he died on Torfan.


Pharos was selected by Alliance Command to lead one of a series of advance recon units who were sent in to ‘soften up’ Torfan before the main assault. Assigned to sabotage an orbital defence station, Pharos’ unit were ambushed by a squad of batarian vacuum commandos and almost wiped out. Pharos himself was hit by a smart-grenade and critically injured before his squad could fall back and be extracted.

Pharos barely survived the incident; the grenade left him blind, crippled and near death. Although Alliance medics were able to save him, he was told he would never walk or see again.


While Pharos lay in intensive care on board an Alliance Medical frigate, two men came to see him. They told him that they represented an organisation called Cerberus, who had humanity’s best interests at heart. They offered Pharos the latest cybernetic reconstructive implants and medical treatments if, in turn, he would agree to join their organisation. Faced with what little remained of his life spent as a blind quadriplegic, Pharos readily agreed and steps were taken to fake his death and transfer him to a Cerberus medical facility.

There Pharos was fitted with advanced cybernetics that returned him to full operational ability, as well as receiving reconstructive surgery to alter his features and additional Cerberus training and rehabilitation.


In late 2186, shortly after Cerberus' attack on Omega, Pharos was contacted by Dr. Julia Weiss, a member of Cerberus R&D whom Pharos had helped recruit in 2178. Weiss revealed to Pharos that Cerberus were begining to upgrade their troopers with nanotech implants based on Husk nanites and that she planned to defect to the Alliance.

Although hesitant, Pharos realised that Cerberus was no longer the organisation he had once thought it was and defected alongside Weiss.

Return to the Alliance

Returning to the Alliance, Pharos was held in custody for a short period while Alliance Command decided what to do with the former terrorist. Eventually Pharos was accepted back into the Alliance military and given the rank of Lieutenant Commander, although he was denied the reinstatement of his previous N5 status.


  • Right arm from shoulder
  • Left arm from elbow
  • Right leg from hip
  • Left leg from mid-shin
  • Artificial eyes
  • Lower jaw reconstruction
  • Comprehensive dermal reconstruction
  • Artificial heart
  • Augmented right lung
  • Artificial digestive tract (including stomach)


Evaluation: Cerberus calls Pharos up for a review.

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