PFS Arcane is a Turian Hierarchy Lorica class cruiser. The seventh Hierarchy vessel to bear her name, the current Arcane gained some fame for her defence of Mandrigol, during which she was the commanding ship of a task group that drove off raiders outmassing them three-to-one in tonnage. Arcane was among the Hierarchy ships deployed to Sol in the closing days of the Reaper War, and in cooperation with four other vessels inflicted fatal damage on a Reaper before being critically damaged in return. Following the firing of the Crucible, Arcane's surviving crew managed to restore power, and she was repaired to a functional level during the relay blackout. Following the reactivation of the relays Arcane returned to a Hierarchy fleet yard and was restored to full operating condition. She returned to active service, and is currently on extended patrol, also undertaking a number of routine diplomatic missions to the Hierarchy's allies.

Despite being unremarkable among the modern turian fleet in terms of combat capabilities, the long history of Arcane's name, and the courageous performance of her current incarnation, have lent her a certain recognition among Hierarchy enthusiasts, and the reputation of carrying a very strong spirit.


Arcane is In-System: And if you're on Illium, that's interesting -- even if Nikolai Aleksanders thinks it's boring.