PF-2845 is a star system, now uninhabited, that was once home to a sapient species.

In 1827 CE Terran calendar an automated Citadel probe entered the system on a survey mission. The probe arrived at the system's sole garden world just as the native inhabitants launched what would prove to be a suicidal war; multiple salvos of nuclear and biological warheads were recorded launching and detonating, resulting in the total destruction of the species.

In 2186 CE Terran the Thessia Institute for Science and Exploration, after centuries of debate, elected to make the probe's recordings, including real-time video, available to the public.

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The release of the PF-2845 imagery was reported in the Cerberus Daily News update "Footage of nuclear-biological annihilation released".

Out-of-character notes

  • The system map graphic for PF-2845 actually shows Feros, with names changed.

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