A state’s domestic augmentation industry is akin to an index of said state’s development in the Rainreaved. What research do they conduct? What advances have they made? What services they can and do provide, and what is the prevalence of transsapient driven social programs? A polity in a transsapientist region that does not diverge from baseline is looked down upon. Titan's development of its own biotech programs was inevitable for both brand name and progress. However, while Titan draws from material provided by its vassal states, the main body of its subsidiary is located external to the Transversal; on Kraithandai.

The last of the “Second Wave” of companies founded post-Operation: Bear Market, Orochi’s placement is equal parts maintaining a respectful distance from the other established and territorial transsapient cultures within its constituent holdings and pure practicality. Kraithandai’s biotech industry utterly imploded in 2183; the liberal application of funds not only allowed the company to revitalize large segments of the local economy and thereby integrate itself into the planet’s political workings, but to rapidly purchase extensive amounts of critical infrastructure as well.

In addition to the expected variety of genetic therapies, cybernetics, combined treatments, and the like; Orochi also engineers crop and protein lines, creates vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Post-acquisition of intact Gruul genebanks and research data, this has expanded to include the design and nurturing of several warbeast strains.


Yana Rou, a volus native of Kraithandai is both the face and driving force behind Orochi. Hired on by Titan to spearhead the reformation of the planetary biotech industry from the wreckage of the Crash, she is a careful, calculating opponent. Her instincts and nerves honed by two separate economic catastrophes and her intuition informed by the realities of operating a crucial point of order on a slowly collapsing world. Within the Titan hierarchy itself it is rumored that, after the reconquest of the company’s planetary holdings, she now wields a degree of influence comparable only to Beliation himself.

Saren Tyrsia is counterintuitively not much of a businessman. With little head for economic policy or mercantile negotiations his position at the top of Orochi is due to him being a competent augmentative engineer, holding doctorates in several related fields and breadth of experience that encompasses years of travel across the Rainreaved. Few are as deeply involved in research, development, and production as him and few understand the nature of the industry as comprehensively as he does.

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