Operative Grey (also known as John Grey and Agent Blackthorn) was a senior Cerberus Operative. As with other Cerberus operatives, very little is known about Grey.

Threads of Note

Outpost Bravo: Grey's first RP. A morally dubious episode where Grey tests out experimental technology with the Blue Suns against the Alliance.

Hades: Pretending to be an Alliance officer, Grey hires some unsuspecting CDNers to help him clean up one of Cerberus' geth messes. Then betrays them.

Spooks' BBQ: For some reason, every Cerberus operative joined this open pub RP.

Who Goes There

Private Memo: The Cerberus agents take notes on what's going on with the Mor Ortlo situation.


Cerberus screwed up once again, this time in their biowarfare and materials departments. The arc resulted in the Citadel being saved from a zombie apocalypse, but with Grey dying and his greybox being transferred into an AI.

Chapter 0


Chapter 1

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.


The AI Life and the War

The REDACTED Pub: After Cerberus went full evil, the Grey AI attempts to kill some traitorous ex-Cerberus agents.

Titan's Fall: During the Citadel attack, Grey takes down the Titan Corporation tower, as well as leaving their leader grievously injured.

Citadel's Finest: C-Sec fights back against Cerberus' attack on the Citadel.

The Kidnapping: Grey kidnaps an ex-Cerberus scientist (and love interest of Pharos) during the Citadel invasion.

Level Four Access: The entire point of this thread was for Grey to shit-talk forum members.

Return: An attempt is made to rescue Dr. Weiss. Set on Arvuna.

Unbound: An epilogue for Grey.