Unofficially, the most notable star cluster in the Terminus Systems, taking its name as it does from the Omega space station, unofficial capital of the Terminus. Most worlds here are in Omega's shadow, but there is a great variety of interests represented, including worlds under the jurisdiction of the former Batarian Hegemony and its successor, the Batarian Confederacy, volus and elcor colonies, and krogan clan rule.

Post Reaper War, the Omega Nebula connects via relay to the Zahel Sea, Sigurd's Cradle, Nemean Abyss, Pangaea Expanse, and Tangeal Expanse.


  • Amada System: Takkan, Karora, Eingana, Alchera, Anjea
  • Arinlarkan System: Utha
  • Batalla System: Logasiri, Thunawanuro, Nearog
  • Fathar System: Lorek, Korar, Dorgal
  • Kairavamori System: Sehtor, Vatar, Uwan Oche
  • Sahrabarik System: Urdak, Omega, Imorkan (Hanoa Station), Bindur
  • Sharak System: Eldraam
  • Yomuuk Belt


Independent colonies in the rimward Omega Nebula are currently being menaced by the Imperial Dominion of Al'Hanon.