A planet in the Aethon Cluster, home to a reasonably important turian colony.

Its population post-Reaper War is 102,200,000, down from 259,200,000. The capital is Sarlik.


A temperate garden world currently in its megafauna stage, the planet’s nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and dextro-amino-acid-based life wasn’t particularly attractive to the volus who charted it, so they sold the colonization rights to their turian partners.

High-rolling volus casinos on Oma Ker entered a partnership with the scientific research teams whose observation satellites watched over neighbouring planet, Lahu. The casinos took bets on how long Lahu storms would last and how high their wind speed might climb. Payouts made the rare volus rich, with jackpot winners forming a small fraternal order.

Reapers and Aftermath

During the Reaper War, Oma Ker’s spaceports and major roads were blasted into craters by the invaders, largely immobilizing the population. Its turian defenders were slowly pushed back by ground forces, though the planet itself was contested all the way to the end of the war. Prohibitively far off from the Apien Crest, Oma Ker’s government has tried appealing to volus investment firms in an effort to kickstart reconstruction efforts, to limited success. Dependent instead on salarian firm Noltric Dynamics, it angrily requested withdrawal from the Mannovai Intergalactic Restoration Committee's aid programs, with which Noltric was involved, after revelations of sabotage by pro-democracy extremists.

Stated Oma Ker’s Primarch Cavel Utanus in a fiery speech to Hierarchy constituents:

“Isolation, hesitation, and incompetence, that is what I see today. ‘Too little, too late’ has become the only note that the Union seems capable of playing. We cannot accept the help of a society so busy backstabbing itself that its adoptive children, who once tried to exterminate all life in the galaxy, appear to be more civilized.”


Dante Cavallius