The Northern Rebellion was a war between multiple krogan clans, led by the Dinroth, and Clan Gothteng. Despite its significance to local clans, the Northern Rebellion is considered a footnote in krogan history, one of many wars between shifting alliances of clans since the Krogan Rebellions.

Named for its geographical location close to Tuchanka's northernmost habitable regions, the war began shortly after the end of the Krogan Rebellions. Unlike other krogan clans, the Gothteng continued to surgically enhance their warriors after the Rebellions despite the high casualty rate. Their increasing success and corresponding rise in power quickly agitated nearby clans, none of which were large enough to attack the Gothteng on their own.

Eventually, as the Gothteng began to forcefully abduct and experiment on members of adjacent clans, the Dinroth spearheaded an alliance to contain the Gothteng threat. The union of several northern clans proved enough to resist the Gothteng, but the Dinroth were unable to force a final outcome until the arrival of southern mercenaries led by Tugorc Nurg. Massive casualties were sustained by both sides, but at the final battle of Tel Shalok the Gothteng were defeated and fled into the ancient tunnels beneath their territory.

The union of northern clans disbanded almost immediately, having rewarded the Dinroth with the territory formerly belonging to clan Gothteng. Soon afterwards, the remaining Gothteng and Dinroth negotiated a peace, which has since evolved into one of the most longstanding alliances on Tuchanka.

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