Nol Borit is a volus merchant on the Kithoi Ward of the Citadel who owns the antiques shop, Galactic Goodies. Born on Palaven to volus accountants from Irune, he moved to Illium at a young age where he received training in merchandising as an apprentice under Matriarch Kelyanis. After earning enough credits to start his own business, he opened a small gift kiosk in Nos Astra. Eventually, through his hard work, he was able to transfer to the Citadel where he now manages his own shop. Clever, honest, and skilled with merchandising his goods, Nol Borit is very much a talented businessman. He can often be seen on the CDN, under the name Vol_Wares, selling his antiques to the mild annoyance of the users. He is very open-minded and willing to learn about the strange customs of aliens, which is a main reason why he sells a wide variety of artifacts from different sentient species. When he is not doing business, he spends his time as an avid collector of printed books, ceremonial weapons, and information.

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