Tailbiter, Nix_Wrangler's pet nix.

A species of lizard native to Sur'Kesh, they were domesticated several centuries ago because of the paralyzing venom they produce. As a result of selective breeding, all domesticated nix now produce too much venom and must be “milked” regularly to maintain their health, otherwise they will grow sick and bloated. There are rumors floating around that the STG keeps a good stock of these in case they ever need their venom for certain… activities.


Females use their vestigal wings to put on a mating display to attract males who wish to mate. They come in green, blue, and yellow varieties, with two different types of markings (speckled or striped). The plural of “nix” is “nixes”. A group of nixes is known as a shock, i.e. a “shock of nixes”

Their tails are known to be rather delicious when prepared properly. When not prepared properly, the trace amounts of their venom may leave the consumer paralyzed.

Like snakes, they can unhinge their jaw and swallow their prey whole. They primarily eat meat. In order to consume larger prey, they tear hunks of meat off with their front fangs and tip their heads back to swallow it.

Though capable of standing upright on their hind legs, nixes will walk on all fours 99% of the time. The other 1% is likely to be during a mating display, when the females stand upright, flap their small wings, and try to make themselves look as appealing as possible. The plumper the tail on a male, the more "desirable" he is. Unlike many Earth species, it is the female who tries to impress the male. A single female nix can lay 10-20 eggs in one sitting. She will guard the nest until they hatch, at which point she ensures her babies can slide into the mudpile that will be their home while they grow up.

Adult nixes grow to be about a foot long. There is no noticeable size difference between males and females. Only females have vestigal wings, which obey the laws of physics and therefore cannot lift them into the air. They are purely for show.

Notable Nixes

  • Forum user Nix_Wrangler owns a female nix named Tailbiter.
  • Three trained nixes were used in the production of the dark comedy film "When Papok Met Mikin".
  • The Maximus Brothers' Circus and Carnival uses a trained nix named Susan to demonstrate Immunity Man's "freak resistance" to nix venom. The validity of this claim is questionable.
  • Indie horror film "The Caves Have Veins" shows several nix eating a salarian alive.

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