Callidus' avatar.

A deadpan turian, self-proclaimed to have the “Shittiest Job in the Galaxy,” Callidus – better known by his extranet handle Nifty Cal – is a plumber in the one place in the galaxy that probably needs it most: Omega. Due to playing infrastructure in a place filled with crime lords, slavers, and the general scum of the earth, he routinely has dealings with the likes of Obertian Turnonav, Abad Sam-mel, and (before he retired) Abattoir, and is relatively known for casting the occasional snide remark in one of the Cerberus Daily News’ frequent extranet debates. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), he has befriended Murtag Kirok and Silel DesGarniers, forming a rather unusual triad.

Callidus is vegetarian by necessity (you don’t want to know how that meat was delivered), and has two children that live on Macedyn.

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