The capital city of Otharkus, on the planet Aseed.

The New Nova Ascendancy is an asari-salarian republic, built in the ruins of the Nova Republics that fell to the Hierophant of Gruul's invasion.

New Nova is relatively close to C-Space, and enjoys both First Galaxy status, as well as amicable trade relations with most of the Terminus and several C-Space nations, especially component nations of the Asari Republics.

Nova's military is famed for its use of corvettes, gunships, electronic warfare and light frigates. Most often talked about is the D'Vel Gambit, where General D'Vel crippled the Ravenor-class Heavy Cruiser Dradle by jamming her sensors, moving a trio of corvette's inside of her kinetic barriers by slowing beneath their bounce speed, and then blasting the bridge to scrap.

The gambit won New Nova the Second Battle of Arkay against diehard Theocracy Raiders, and later cost the general her life against the same group of Raiders, now wise to the trick.

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