"E pluribus unum." - Official motto of the NHDF.

Established once the NHA was founded, the New Havana Defense Force faced the difficult task of unifying the military assets of its members into one comprehensive fighting force.

As a first step, the NHDF threw out redundant personal and organized all ships from ground up into 3 fleets, mixing their origin (ship and crew) to enforce a unified Esprit du Corps that isn't bound by the tradition of a specific member state.

Next, the NHDF analysed their available assets and began to task the industry of the NHA to design new ships to modernized the aging corporate vessels most member states have used up to this point. The result it is a formidable fleet with modern ships and technology. Still, many older ships are in service but are scheduled to be sold off to national guards or corporate customers wishing to bolster their forces.

And last, to up the numbers of enlisted men, the NHA senate enacted legislation that allows for military service as a way out of forced labour contracts.

Ship-classes in service:

  • Intrepid Class frigate, highly modular interior allowing for different roles depending on load-out. Not as good as a dedicated solutions, but many interchangeable parts and through numbers in service make this class very economic.
  • Lux Aeternam light cruiser, fast, agile, strong shields but weak armor. Deployed in groups, mirror frigate tactics whenever feasible. Intended as peace time patrol working horse leading wolfpacks and performing flanking attacks in larger battles.
  • Stingray interceptor, small, really small and agile with a low LADAR profile. Escorts capital ships. Comes in drone and pilot variants.
  • Triarius Class heavy cruiser, large, heavy firepower and can take just as much, capital ships of the NHDF. Carries its own Stingray escort and within the NHA the iconic representation of its might.

The weapons in use by the NHDF are in a similar way manufactured within the NHA and are up to the current standards. These weapons include:

  • The R45 Spear Marksman Rifle, a heavy semi-automatic rifle designed to combat warbeasts, varren and krogans at a distance.
  • The R36 Karseus Assault Rifle, an improved Pheaston design, with more power per shot and 3-round bust capability and under-barrel concussion round launcher. Weapon has higher recoil and less heat capacity.
  • The R5 Cossack Heavy Pistol, heavy pistol that unremarkable otherwise, features an internal heat-sink feeder for easy and fast change.
  • The R25 Xantor Shotgun, a down-sized and improved krogan design dating back to the rachni war.
  • The R8 Kriss SMG, a small PDW that is notable for its dozens of official and aftermarket variants and modability.

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