The New Doma Police Directorate, or "NDPD" for short, is a private police force in the New Doma District of Omega, as well as the only law enforcement group on the station. Helping to preserve the district's neutrality and booming business, the NDPD operates similar to a protection racket, requesting that the owner of a property pay a modest fee of 5-15% of their earnings a month to fund the NDPD, and, in return, that property will be protected by the NDPD, as well as have the area around it patrolled, and the NDPD answering any calls given from people in the area. However, the NDPD upholds their word, and no property owner in the New Doma District has refused to pay the fee. Furthermore, this fee actually goes to maintaining the Directorate's own stations across the district, paying for training for new recruits, stockpiling ammo and supplies for the constables, and being able to deploy X3M Aircars, M-080 Support Vehicles, and even an A-61 Mantis Gunship. The leader of the NDPD is Director Neauera, an Asari Matriarch at least 900 years old.

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