The infamous "darkest" region of the galaxy, further from the jurisdiction of the Citadel Council than even the Terminus Systems. When people think of the worst the galaxy has to offer, they are probably thinking of this lawless region, which might also be described as resembling C-Spacers' worst assumptions about the Terminus; the popular idea of the Terminus as a hell-hole that offers casual death, torture and slavery is largely unfair, but that description fits the Abyss pretty well.

Being very rich in Element Zero, though, means it will always be attractive to many, regardless.

The Nemean Abyss borders The Rainreaved Ocean and is linked on the post-Reaper War network to the Crescent Nebula, the Shrike Abyssal, and the Omega Nebula. The Abyss itself contains several star clusters.

Locations include

  • Balorn
  • Cartagena
  • The Gruul Cluster
  • Joona Star Cluster (reconnected to the relay network in 2291).
  • New Hong Kong: Once controlled by the warlord known as One-Eyed Eluam.
  • Norketh Star Cluster (reconnected to the relay network in 2291).
  • The Othsonis system, former location of the K-13 Scorpio Flesh Vats, a military fortress turned slaver enclave turned casino/brothel/snuff den/drug haven.
  • Rhogarth
  • Suremis System (includes Laris).
  • Tortuga
  • Vakraz Mor, the cluster home to the leaders of the Church of the Divine Flame and Holy Void, one of the more stable organizations out in these parts, and which has spread beyond the Abyss.
  • Vindasel II, a former outpost of the Blood Pack. While not as large as Balorn IV or Rhogarth VII, the outpost on Vindasel II was an essential strongpoint for loyal Pack forces in the mercenary band's post-war internal conflict.


Nemean technology, known often simply as N-Tech, is something borderline legendary, the source of many rumours and wild theories. Local traders and manufacturers sometimes refuse to trade or even discuss some of their technology with people from other regions whom they don't trust. A hidden market exists, where particularly shady merchandise is traded only to fully trusted figures. The more open part of the market attracts a wide variety of customers, including even open and legal organizations from C-Space that require good equipment. Many Nemean small arms are of exceptionally high quality, enough to offset unorthodox designs and exorbitant prices. Some of the rumors concerning N-Tech are at least partially true. Unethical research is a fact of life here, particularly since the mass-settlement of the region by a sub-faction of the Lystheni.

What Is Wrong With The Nemean Abyss?

As Cerastes is seemingly unable to hear a rhetorical question and not answer it literally, we have the following:

"Comical levels of wage disparity, depravity conducted in absence of consequence, no stabilized government, mothers and fathers who failed to provide adequate levels of emotional support at formative ages, outside fascination with othered entities leading to continuation of oppression, internalized mantra of 'I have nowhere else to go', Ferem Baccath trying to fit in with the natives while dangling from the cock of the morality brigade, etc. Perhaps I will write a novel when I retire."

See Also

The Shallows: Phobia raises awareness of a shelter that might prove useful. (In later threads, it does).

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