Born in 2156, Nathaniel Heartly has been a criminal all his life.  Orphaned at an early age, Nathaniel suffered the same fate as many of the young of Omega- he fell in with a gang.  He was a particularly adept pickpocket.  As he grew older, and more bold, he often used playing cards bearing the suit of Spades as a calling card, thus earning him his nickname.  Eventually, he moved on to freelance mercenary work, before joining up with the Blue Suns.  He was a member of the Blue Suns for several years, until 'violent differences of opinion' resulted in him leaving their employ.  He is currently working as a freelance mercenary.

Nathaniel has a bit of a 'reputation'.  He's known as a honest, skilled, resourceful man, and as a survivor.  As a Blue Sun, he made a name for himself surviving in situations where most professional soldiers would give up.  However, it's that 'honest' part that comes back to bite him in the ass.  Even as a teenager, Nathaniel was often at odds with his compatriots- he often had trouble 'swallowing his morality', so to speak.  While seemingly amoral at times, he is, at his core, a 'good person'.

He's got black, unkempt hair and light stubble, with dullish blue eyes.  When he's not geared up, his typical attire is usually just a jacket and and slacks, tucked into a pair of combat boots.  When he's 'geared up', he's typically wearing set of grey-black Ajax armor, with a big, white 'spade' symbol painted on the chest.

((This is a work in progress.))

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