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Naaya vas Nedas (originally vas Khoresh) is a 44-year-old female quarian. She posts on CDN as "Naaya".


Naaya typically wears a two-tone grey envirosuit with a red visor. She usually wears a belt containing various engineering tools, and wears two makeshift 'rocket boots' she made herself using the miniaturized version of two thrusters salvaged from a UT-47 Kodiak.



Naaya arrived on the forum not long after Kyesh, who went by the username 'Disgruntled Biotic.' She, along with Kyesh, had lived on Omega for several years, the two of them running a shop that sold mech parts and biotic amps. She was a member of the Nialla's crew for a brief period of time, primarily because she and Kyesh needed a place to stay, and became friends with Ilara'Tam nar Selani, Half-Blood Quarian, and Asharia T'Saeri while she was a member of the crew.

Eventually, she came into contact with Mirqurios on the boards, and developed a crush on the older turian, the two beginning a brief relationship on the Citadel. While said relationship didn't last forever, Naaya never forgot the impact it had on her life.

After several months of staying aboard the Nialla, and after enduring the chaotic 'Into Thin Air' incident, Naaya and Kyesh left the vessel in search of a new place to stay. The two separated after years of helping each other out, and in an attempt to find somewhere where she could make a difference, Naaya came across the Gunners, a specialist mercenary group with a moral code that appealed to her. She made a deal with their leader, Brigadier Stanley Jackson, that she'd work for them in exchange for a place to stay, and she's been with them ever since.

As of recently, however, Naaya has been dismissed from the Brigade due to her superiors thinking it wasn't a good fit for her. Currently, she is living with Najhil on the Citadel while she looks for a new job.


  • Very energetic.
  • Loyal to those she considers her friends.
  • Has a strong moral center.
  • Has a great deal of sympathy for quarian exiles, but it isn't infinite.
  • Possesses a positive worldview and tries to assume the best about others.
  • Has a deep-seated dislike of species-based discrimination.
  • Her naïve nature occasionally gets the better of her.
  • Has a self-confessed fetish for turians.
  • Is an exile, a fact that the forum didn't find out until some time after she arrived; for whatever reason, she has refused to make the reason why she was cast out known, although she has stated that she feels deeply regretful for what she did.


  • Owns a pod crab named Ramirez.

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