The Musical Renaissance of the 2160s is the informal title given to a period of cultural movement following first contact with humanity. A predominantly human-inspired movement, its effects have been felt on pop-culture ever since its inception.

Youth Response on Earth

Following the First Contact War, (or the Relay 314 Incident) many minor rallies started cropping up in college and university campuses across Alliance Space, with varying opinions of how the conflict with the turians was handled by the human governments. The interplanetary media was dismissive of the movements, criticizing how the rallies didn't accurately portray the situation at Shanxi. These student protests died down temporarily, before a resurgence occurred shortly after humanity's acceptance to the community of Citadel races. However, the overall messages being portrayed had moved away from speaking out against the political machinations surrounding first contact, and more toward introducing the galactic community to human culture.

As such, the human youth had given birth to a massive cultural paradigm shift, the likes of which hadn't been seen in decades.

The Music Revolution

Most agree that the renaissance proper began near the end of 2160, when humans started becoming a well-established force in the galaxy. Many Citadel sociologists and anthropologists were introduced to older human culture, predominantly arts and humanities from the 14th-17th centuries. This attracted the attention of the so-called 'Extraterrestrial Welcoming Rallies', who deemed the presentation of 2nd Millennium art a "misrepresentation of modern human culture." This was met with heavy criticism from human ambassadors, who made a counter-point by inquiring how humanity should be portraying itself to the alien public.

The response was unprecedented.

Within days of the inquiry hitting the mainstream media, huge art exhibitions were held on core Alliance worlds, with content supplied mostly by students and up-and-coming artists far outside of the mainstream. A handful of major human cities were turned into de-facto art galleries, with concerts of all genres being held across Alliance space. Ultimately, these musical displays attracted massive swathes of humans, despite their being a periphery demographic, though the turnout of aliens to human worlds did exceed expectations considerably. The total revenue which was generated kick-started the careers of dozens of performers, leading more and more to follow in their footsteps, and thus began a new era of music.

Notable Names of the Renaissance

  • Abel Manderley, a composer of progressive instrumental music, and a spearhead of the Extraterrestrial Welcoming movement. Extremely popular with asari for his heavily spiritual inspiration.
  • Tokyo Scarlet, a wildly successful band which played its original festival concert on Earth in the titular city, and went on to gain a mainstream audience on Earth, Terra Nova, and Elysium but also a cult following among salarians, especially on Mannovai.
  • Beacon, a technosynth group which overtook the Citadel club scene by storm.