A turian animal, akin to a four-eyed armoured cat.

Native to Palaven, but now found on many turian worlds. They can be kept as pets, and frequently are.

Moxie Care

A member of the Cliff Hopper subspecies from the Canyons of Practis feeds (in the wild) mostly on little insects or else algae and mushroom-like fungi swept up from the hard rock of the canyon walls. Healthy FungMix for domestic animals is sold pretty much everywhere. It's not only a good food supplement for the Hoppers but for all the moxie subspecies in general.

Most moxies don't have a stable feeding cycle since they tend to hunt but the omnivorous (leaning to herbivorous) Cliff Hoppers need a stable feeding cycle of two meals a day. They need less water than normal moxies, though.

Depictions in Popular Culture

Jammin Moxie

My Little Moxie


"Moxies with Rollerskates" is a slang term of military origin for people of endearing but ultimately negligible worth. Moxies with rollerskates look adorable, but can't be pictured doing anything beyond flailing adorably to stay upright. "Moxies with rollerskates" has acquired a secondary, related meaning in mercenary circles, often referring to the dependents of an outfit's fighters if and when they take up auxiliary support duties.