Moto'Fywil nar Jirko
Species: Quarian
Age: 19 (at time of death)
Location: Anhur (at time of death)
Status: Deceased - 2181
Affiliations: Migrant Fleet

Moto'Fywil nar Jirko was a member of the crew of the Migrant Fleet Patrol Fleet cruiser Jirko. He was also the childhood friend of Yuhna'Sibrat nar Jirko. Moto was assigned to a joint Pilgrimage with Yuhna, and chose to use her mechanical expertise to try and find a new ship to repair, so they could take it back to the Flotilla and give some added room to the quarian people. Much to Moto's chagrin, Yuhna chose to latch onto a relatively-intact Mantis Gunship while on Anhur. He did the best he could to help Yuhna repair the gunship, but was betrayed by some Eclipse mercenaries when trying to find parts for the ship.

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