Morok-Bal or the Feast of Morok is a batarian cultural and religious holiday celebrated each year on the first day of spring. The exact date of Morok-Bal often changes depending the fall of the season on Khar'shan.

The day is traditionally characterised by the public reading of religious scriptures, wearing of purple attire, public parades and processions, and feasting and drinking (especially any food or drink purple in colour). Another key tradition on Morok-Bal is the throwing of bowls with the aim of smashing them as loudly as possible, possibly to drive off evil spirits. To this end, many batarians buy a large stack of poor-quality bowls just for this purpose the day before the celebration.

During Morok-Bal many slaves are often given small gifts by their owners, while others may be given the day off. This tradition often surprises many non-batarians when they learn of it. One culinary custom is Ghloksa, which is only supposed to be eaten around Morok-Bal (though in modern times it's often available year-round). When serving it, those highest up the caste system roll up some of the filling in the bread, then feed it to those of the next lowest, and so on down the chain. This is true even if there's a slave at the table.

Although the holiday is primarily religious in nature, in recent years the emphasis has begun to shift more towards the feasting and drinking aspect. While members of the batarian religious community frown upon the move away from the origins of Morok-Bal, they rarely make their objections public due to the overwhelming support for the festival among the other castes.

Morok-Bal is rarely celebrated outside of the Hegemony, being a exclusively batarian festival, except on Omega where it is enjoyed not only by the local batarian population but by most of the other station-dwellers as well.


Happy Morok-Bal: Some CDN members celebrate on Omega.

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