A self-described lifer with sixteen years in the Corps, including mopping up the Skyllian Blitz and action on Eden

Gunnery Chif Mike Tritt

Prime, Gunnery Chief Mike Tritt (Gunny) has made the military his life. He managed to survive a Blue Suns assault on his outpost with the help of Arbitrary's mercs and an orbital bombardment from Polaron's cruiser. He wandered the galaxy making new friends and trying to find someone he can maybe start a relationship with on furlough following that. Having met a rather nice lady and spent a luxury cruise with her, he's now back on the line, whipping the crew of the SSV Agincourt into shape.


Tritt is a 16-year veteran of the Systems Alliance Marine Corps, yet even such a long time has done little to curb his idealism and enthusiasm. He describes himself as a man of the people, leading his men from the front by his example. He believes that a leader should be the first to set foot on the battlefield, and the last to leave it. Despite often jokingly complaining about his superiors - or officers in generals - he has deep respect for all the competent officers he has served under. Idealistic, educated, and generally positive, Tritt is very much not the stereotypical career soldier.

But because of his idealism, Tritt also sometimes succumbs into naivety. He believes that everyone has such pure and good intentions as him, and that makes him somewhat gullible. The man of the people attitude also makes it especially hard for him to send his men into battle due to his deep emotional attachment.

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