The Mesa Gen Fitness Centre is a public sporting and recreation centre in Nos Astra, Illium. The centre was built by a volus-led group fifty Illium years before the present - although it bears the hallmarks of volus design in its architecture (and its mascot), it was designed from the outset to cater to Nos Astra's multispecies population.

At the time of construction, the surrounding area was a satellite development, and just in the process of being developed as an urban zone. By a combination of ideal positioning and shrewd marketing, the centre gained the image of a community centre in the new development zone, and the neighbourhood which arose was formally named Mesa Gen after it. Thanks to the city's continuing expansion, Mesa Gen has long since been encompassed by Nos Astra proper.


The centre aims to provide suitable activities for all the various species who live in the surrounding area - asari predominate, but turian, salarian, elcor, and hanar fitness activities are also covered, and the centre is known for promoting cross-species activities, employing customised facilities and procedures to allow its members to take part in other species' sports and exercise habits. Ironically given its origins, the centre's volus membership is low - the volus financial interests which first settled in Mesa Gen and have survived to the present have largely moved to more prestigious business facilities closer to the heart of the city. A number of human corporations have taken their place in Mesa Gen, bringing a substantial human population to the neighbourhood; the broad-strokes similarities between human and asari physiology have made human sports popular among the centre's membership.

The current facilities include:

  • Group and individual exercise machine areas, using both mechanical and gravitic exercises. Although most machines are configured for a specific physiology, in the region of thirty percent of the centre's exercise equipment is "universal", able to reconfigure to suit any bipedal species. Several of the smaller workout rooms have variable gravity capability.
  • One-on-one and small-team sporting courts, currently configured for wildrun and parisses squares.
  • A training salle, including areas for martial arts exercises and sparring, and pistes for fencing.
  • A full-size Thessian style sports pool, including diving facilities. The centre is one of several involved in Nos Astra's amateur waveball circuit, a popular pursuit among asari.
  • Several large sporting areas suitable for team sports such as springball and gravball. One area was formerly a clawball pitch, but the limited spectator seating proved a drawback to turians interested in the game; during the redesign to accomodate human members, the pitch was converted to a number of tennis courts, both grass and clay surfaces.

The reception area includes a multi-cuisine cafe, and is situated on a 360-degree balcony overlooking the various sporting facilities.