At the beginning of the element zero-era of Thessia, the then-fledgling asari company Meriz Weaponsmiths created a mass accelerator rifle that would become a classic: the LIN-4. Powerful for the time, it rapidly gained popularity as a military rifle.

Today, Meriz LIN-4 are sold both as 'classic' slug throwers and modern mass accelerators due to market demand for bargain bin rifles for hunting and survival purposes. The slug thrower LIN-4 is simple to operate, requiring no thermal clip or external power source to work, while still delivering enough down-range firepower to kill small-to-medium game. Survival models do require some work to deploy, with almost everything folding out via torsion springs or external force.

Out-of-character notes

Modem's inspiration for this weapon was the Mosin-Nangant rifle.

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