Merequat (approx.transcr. [merekwɒt] ) is a traditional batarian martial arts style with a millennia-long history.

The first mentions of merequat date to as early as the time of clan wars preceding formation of the first kingdoms on ancient Khar'shan, the period of the first class-stratified societies.

"Merequat" literally means "Twenty Blades" in one of the classical batarian languages.

Ancient batarians equipped their armors with 20 blades (20 being a multiple of 4, therefore one of the "lucky" numbers) and utilized them in melee combat extensively. Two blades were placed on each shoulderpad, one on each boot's toe and one on each kneepad. Two wristblades, that could be switched between defensive and combat positions. Finally, ten smaller blades on combat gauntlets, five on each.

A human observer would most likely compare merequat to a ferociously efficient mix of Terran muay-thai and kickboxing, featuring grappling (wrestling, takedowns, submission holds, throws) and faster-paced moves - short powerful punches and kicks with small amplitude, active knee-work and elbow work, as well as blocks with the use of legs and shoulders, often followed by brutal counter-attacks.

Merequat has seen some changes over the course of history, but all the main principles remain, the revisions being simply adaptations to technological changes. The style remains in active use to this day, be it by the military police, the regular army, SpecOps and even the Special Intervention Unit. Additionally, merequat gave rise to several derivative styles, adapted for different purposes, priorities and even bladed armor types. For instance, many batarian vanguard-type biotic combatants employ such a style for close-quarters combat. While visually different, it is based mostly on merequat principles.

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