The current leader of the Crimson Chains faction based on Lorek, Melek Ib-bar is an enigmatic figure. Easily recognized by his nearly seven-foot, lanky frame and pale features, Melek served as the intelligence officer for the Crimson Chains under Abad Sam-mel, and fought with distinction during the Reaper attack on Lorek.

While he is known to have led several combat operations, Ib-bar’s capabilities remain the subject of conflicting reports. Among the few consistencies is that he carries two pistols, though he has demonstrated competence with a variety of other weapons. Some persistent rumors claim that he is a natural biotic, others that he has undergone extensive cybernetic augmentation, but neither rumor can be confirmed.

Lending credence to such rumors is the revelation that the Crimson Chains were established by the Hegemony's elite military Special Intervention Unit. Since the end of the Reaper War a number of groups have claimed such origins, but the Crimson Chains are one of the few legitimate claimants, and much of the command structure possessed official SIU ranks prior to the destruction of the Hegemony. According to him, Melek held the rank of Seeker 214, making him the highest-ranking member of the Crimson Chains aside from Abad Sam-mel and Alto Ord’narak.

In the aftermath of the Reaper War, Ib-bar and the Crimson Chains’ armsmaster Goronak Ilorik have restructured the Lorek branch of the group into a mostly-legitimate private military company with a focus on providing security and honor guards for Lorek politicians. Having absorbed the remnants of other SIU forces on the planet they retain the largest core of well-trained officers and troops, as well as access to substantial Hegemony weapons storage facilities.

Their involvement with the governments of Lorek and several other small worlds has led to rumors that the Lorek Crimson Chains are one of the components of the alleged Deep State within the Batarian Confederation, but as with other rumors these can not be substantiated.

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