Melanar is a 27-year-old hanar therapist, who was born and raised on the city of Lunda on Kahje.

Refering to itself as a male, he is extremely modest, kind, polite, and welcoming to almost every individual he meets. Having received a degree in Alien Psychology from the University of Illuminated Individuals, he owns a small clinic on the Zakera Ward on the Citadel. He can often be seen referring to his knowledge of psychology when conversing on the CDN, to the mild annoyance of others. Like most hanar, Melanar worships the Enkindlers, and often turns to his religion for guidance. Although his soul name is relatively unknown but to a few close friends and family, it is rumoured that the meaning of his name is "The One who Flows into the Dreams of Others," possibly referring to his interest in the unconscious thoughts of others.

Currently, Melanar is planning to write a book on psychology. He can often be seen walking around the Citadel asking if people would like to fill out surveys for his studies.

((More information will be added in the future. Feel free to add/edit any information about Melanar.))

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