Matthew Auberger is a former member of the Systems Alliance Parliament and the Terra Firma party, who was forced to resign both positions when it became publicly known that he had conducted a three-year affair with an asari mistress.

Auberger, who represented Bekenstein in Parliament, rose to prominence as a member of the Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs when he publicly criticised fellow Foreign Affairs committee member Jeffords Pallone for his decision to marry an asari, and led a campaign of protest which ended with Pallone resigning his committee position, although he remained a Member of Parliament.

Auberger's own political career suffered a serious setback later the same year, when he publicly admitted to conducting a three-year affair with an asari; it was later revealed that he had met Yayla Dalinari, a dancer at the Citadel "gentleman's club" Chora's Den, when he visited the Citadel as part of a Parliament delegation in 2183, that he subsequently returned the Citadel several times that year, and then funded Dalinari's move to Arcturus Station, where he resided as an Alliance MP.

Despite an emotional plea for forgiveness at the onset of the scandal, issued with his wife at his side, Auberger's political career swiftly disintegrated. While Terra Firma leadership debated its response, two members of Auberger's staff elected to resign, claiming Auberger had "betrayed" them and his party. Auberger later quit the Terra Firma party, amid speculation that he was offered the choice to resign his membership or be expelled, intending to continue to represent Bekenstein as an independent MP.

That changed with information leaked from an Alliance Bureau of Investigation report, concerning Auberger's affair. The investigation had been instigated by Auberger one year previously, who had reported an attempt by a member of his staff (who was later fired) to blackmail him over his affair. However, the leaked information included the revelation that Auberger had fathered a child with Dalinari, which effectively ended his political career when it became public knowledge. Auberger resigned from Parliament, giving a "rambling", "angry" speech in parting, in which he accused Prime Minister Shastri's administration of unprecedented corruption, and alleged that the ABI leak had been a deliberate move to force him out of Parliament. Although he claimed he was targeted due to his willingness to stand up for humanity against alien influences, as is Terra Firma's platform, Auberger's former allies in the party were quick to distance themselves from him.

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