Marid is the middle child of the third wave of Titan subsidiaries, the branches founded during or immediately subsequent to the War. Considerably smaller than their elder siblings and with significantly less pull, they nonetheless represent a new period of diversification and spirited investment within the company.

Built on the back of Ishtkanthad’s improvised infrastructure, Marid products have slowly gained something of a foothold in the Tempest and Rainreaved. Though they cannot yet afford to compete directly with other well-established media houses, they are still firmly in the black in reality of the post-war entertainment industry. Their profits notably boosted by a smattering of reasonably successful new video game IPs, the standard collection of private sites and news broadcasts, and one movie, Jade Complex, a cyborg technothriller released to a relatively warm critical and fiscal reception within the greater cluster.

Currently Marid also serves Titan in a clandestine capacity by aggregating and monitoring the flow of information within the region, albeit in a somewhat limited scope. There are currently plans are underway to begin taking a more active hand in discretely shaping public opinion and many Marid executives have close ties to the Umbra, Titan’s primary intelligence apparatus. Marid is based on Syo-Ba.


Chrysais Inscandia is uncommon in the media world: a former news anchor and holovision personality who fully made the transition to executive and producer. She leveraged her carefully made contacts and accumulated favors to switch entirely to the management side of the industry. A clever and discerning connoisseur of the media arts she is the quintessential “person who can make things happen”, who can get the wanted actor or knows just how to woo in company.

Poached in the post-War chaos she merges impressive networking skills and business sense with all the glamour and glitz of a career socialite. The combination makes her an ideal choice to helm the fledgling Marid.

Arasca Ishtkanthad made her name in Titan’s internal information bureaucracy during the Reaper War. A relatively low level middle manager she and her team were almost single handedly responsible for ensuring the continued flow of data across the company for the course of the conflict. As comm buoys failed and hub centers went dark she utilized an entire laundry list of company contacts to cobble together new satellites, nodes, and ad hoc networks. To place disparate factions in touch with another, spread verified intelligence, and organize communication infrastructure efforts even as the Reapers swept into the Rainreaved. And she did virtually all of it from an isolated listening post on the fringes of the Tempest with but a few hard drives worth of contacts.

For grossly overstepping her bounds and appropriating sensitive company assets she was promptly dismissed from her station. For going above and beyond her duties and succeeding in a way that wasn’t fully apparent until well after the war, she and her team were promoted to the very highest echelons of the company.

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