Established amidst the frantic and chaotic reorganization that followed Titan Corporation's assumption of security and governing responsibility for several systems, Manticore is effectively a number of major Archivist owned weapons plants, vehicle assemblies, and droneworks that have been nationalized by the corporation. Today the subsidiary produces military systems for use by its sibling branch Myrmidon Security Services and for sale abroad. The company does not discriminate with its clients, so long as its interests remain unthreatened and the prospective buyers have the resources at hand.

Boasting lines of hardsuits and vacuum gear, armaments, armour, and most recently mechanized warframes, infantry drones and full scale siege platforms, Manticore is enormously productive due to being well secured arms provider in a frequently unstable region. The reliable quality of its goods coupled with the efficaciousness of its distribution network have seen Drownscaled-made technology appear in the hands of entities as geographically and politically disparate as the Lorek branch of the Crimson Chains, the Va’liat, and the Damavand Corsairs. Manticore is based out of Zhryai’loth.


Sekhirama Khapash is a batarian, ex-smuggler, and a fourth generation immigrant from the Mandate’s Frostfang Reach. She comes from the lower social classes of Zhryai’loth. When the Rimenight Rebellions started she joined on as providing logistical support, using her extensive knowledge of the city and her offworld contacts to keep the various in-fighting insurgencies supplied. Popular, shrewd and pragmatic, when it became clear which way the winds were blowing she was responsible for swaying several rebel leaders to the company’s side.

Much as her superior’s inclusion has gone some significant way towards appeasing the elites, Khapash’s appointment to Manticore and to the Board has bound Titan closer to the commoners of the nation it now more or less controls.