A major salarian colony, usually considered the most important salarian world after Sur'Kesh. Located in the Annos Basin, Mannovai is currently largely controlled by the Narra clan.

Along with Aegohr (on Nasurn) and Jaëto, it was one of the first extra-Pranas salarian settlements.

Settled regions on Mannovai include Eredae and Yatar Island, administrative regions include Selok and Tokor, and cities include Ilhänl, East Yatar City, and West Ithica. Mannovai is also the home of Eeldich University and Itarus University.

Flora and Fauna

  • Mannovaiian Stag Dragonfly


Within the Mannovai sects of the Salarian Union, salarians celebrate a holiday called Schaklass Day. It’s a holiday devoted to Dalatrass Schaklass, who willingly gave her life to prevent a familial civil war that would last for generations. On this day, salarians traditionally present each other with gifts of all sorts - though in memoriam to Schaklass, most are passed between Dalatrasses and their children. Another part of the Day, however, is spent in observance of the Otravan Weeping Branch, a beloved plant species that the Dalatrass considered the perfect metaphor for the Wheel. Since her death, families in Eredae grow such a tree near their family’s dwellings and prune off a branch every year to grow within their homes, to celebrate the cycle between death (the branch) and “rebirth” (the tree that grows from it).

The Mannovaian salarians cultivated their own languages; one dialect was Boroka, which over the last few centuries has died out, at least as a form that would be recognizable to anyone who learnt its original form.

Mannovai has spawned its own colonies, among them Lassadan.

Exports include Mannovai Malt.

Newsworthy occurrences

Shortly before the Reaper War, Dalatrass Narra of Mannovai underwent surgery to remove a stomach polyp. The surgery lasted two hours; one of her personal doctors, Jiahe Urc, confirmed that the polyp was benign and only noticeable due to a slight inflammation that had been causing the Dalatrass pain. Before the operation, Narra signed a letter transferring power to Vice-Dalatrass Husaru, since she would be under general anesthesia for the duration of the surgery.

Mannovai was just coming into range of the Reapers when the Crucible event occurred, sparing the world further damage. It came too late for the trees that produce the galaxy's best Faldabis, though.

Not long after this, Tyche Vidcast Syndicate launched a multimillion-credit ad campaign revolving around an upcoming fifth season of their smash hit 'social experiment' The Life Egregious - this included an enormous, space-visible banner on Mannovai (which, infamously, was a shot of the show's new logo, accompanied by the text "Looks like the single tear of a penitent Reaper" and never mentioned holovision at all).

See: Mannovai Intergalactic Restoration Committee.

Notable natives

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