2179 champion Ukal Hahk, with the head of his winning acid trout catch

The Mannok-Vahk Tournament is a fishing competiton held annually on Tuchanka.

The Bitter Seas Archipelago, a small island chain within the planet's largest body of water, plays host to the tournament, which sees dozens of krogan vie for the honour of being named champion. The competition is known for its outbreaks of violence, and the punishing conditions of the irradiated seas and their fauna.

The 2186 CE Terran calendar tournament saw the number of competitors swell, with a significant number of non-krogan entrants. Master anglers Tomi Oshiro of Earth and Nulia T'Raok of Illium were among the entrants, but Korwun Valug, the reigning champion, dismissed the off-worlders' chances of prevailing over Tuchankan sealife.

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The lead-up to the 2187 tournament was reported in the Cerberus Daily News update "Annual Tuchanka fishing tournament begins this month".

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