A 24-year-old former slave from Khar'shan, Manek is a batarian freelancing mercenary living on Omega. Manek was born on Khar'shan to Rulok and Aika Sur'rek in the City of Luktor. His father worked as a skilled mechanic and his mother was a housewife. They were, however, captured by slavers when Manek was only 4 years old. His family was taken to work for a corrupt batarian politician, Juroth Neltok, who worked for the narcotics trade in the Terminus. His father was forced to make explosives for Juroth, while Manek and his mother were held as hostage if he did not comply. Aika became Juroth's maid and Manek was the private servant for one of the politician's bodyguard. When Manek was 12, his father decided enough was enough, and one night, he went to the slave quarters and took his wife and child. They were pursued by the guards, and Manek's face was badly scarred on the right side of his face after a bullet missed him, instead hitting his father on the arm. Upon reaching one of the ships, Rulok put his wife and son on it as he charged towards the oncoming guards, telling his wife to head to Illium as refugees. Holding one of his explosives, he detonated it, killing himself and the guards as his wife and child escaped.

Manek and his mother moved to Nos Astra, Illium just as Rulok instructed, where she got a job as a merchant for the asari owned Eezo-Goods Grocery Store Corporations. He had a difficult time growing up, often being seen as a loner and outcast by his peers, due to his recurring nightmares of his father's death and his time as a slave. Dropping out of school, he left Illium and moved to Omega in search for vengeance for his lost childhood, despite his mother's protests. It was there that he became a freelancing mercenary, working jobs here and there for small-time slavers and drug dealers. In reality, however, he was a vigilante that often thwarted against those who hired him, freeing the slaves and destroying the drugs. It is for this reason that he is still an outcast, even on a station such as Omega. Seen as a backstabber by criminals and a hero by the slaves he rescues, Manek still has difficulty forming relationships with other people, despite his desire to one day meet others like him. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from his time as a slave. However, he is still a kind and loving person, caring for the injured he rescues and maintaining contact with his mother on Illium.

Currently, he can be seen at the Afterlife in search for jobs, despite his reputation as a vigilante. Rumor has it that he is recently in contact with the AEGIS leader, Korwun Gorik.

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