Manaan Sricos is a drell former security agent, who gained notoriety after absconding from his post and seeking asylum.

Sricos, who had served 15 of his 31 years in the Illuminated Primacy security service, was a bodyguard to hanar diplomat Henalshiir, the First Counselor and Charge d'Affairs of the hanar embassy on the Citadel. In 2186 CE Terran calendar, Sricos failed to report for a scheduled shift at the embassy. C-Sec's diplomatic liaison unit were unable to find any clue as to his whereabouts or the reason for his disappearance, and a description was released to the public along with an appeal for information regarding him to be forwarded to the Missing Persons Section.

After several days' absence, Sricos resurfaced in Milgrom, on the Systems Alliance world Bekenstein, where he petitioned a court for political asylum under the Alliance Immigration and Refugee Act. Following the lodging of his petition, Sricos issued a statement through lawyers he had engaged, claiming to have suffered mental and physical abuse, both from hanar and from fellow drell who were his superiors. Sricos likened the compact, the tradition by which drell undertake service of hanar, to slavery, and alleged that his own compacting was agreed to in exchange for promised treatment for his father's Kepral's Syndrome, a promise the hanar broke. Sricos further claimed that recaptured drell were subjected to torture and mind-altering drug treatments if they attempted to escape their "slavery", and that he faced a similar fate if returned to the Primacy.

A spokesmen for the hanar refuted the claims as "baseless".