Magda-amaga come from the volcanic planet of Thorana where they thrived in the ash wastes and tectonic spires that so dotted the throneworld's surface. Here they fed on simple, sluglike, creatures, carrion, supplementary metals and whatever else they could get their teeth into. Adaptable and loyal they enjoyed a brief vogue among Theocracy nobility the better part of a millennium back before being replaced, as always, by varren. Nonetheless, for their hardiness, almost unique genetic malleability, and ever important social structure they were co-opted by Gruul geneticists as favored lab rats. Many of the most fearsome and potent of the Theocracy's biological alterations were first tested upon the magda-amaga. Additionally bioweapons nursed on their nearly translucent skin or within their hardy stomachs. The species is extant on their homeworld and superstation housing research laboratories, as result of escapes into the wild where their innate adaptability would serve them well.

Physically an average specimen is generally unassuming. Standing at a little over than a meter and a half high at the shoulder, their eyes and bodies glow faintly with bio-luminescence. Their skeletons are generally composed of cartilage, lending them an almost unnatural degree of flexibility and maneuverability within tight environments. The magda-amaga's skin is, of course, so pale as to be almost see through and they communicate with their packmates via a rattling hiss.