The Macedyn's Craticula is the formal turian name for the Macedyn colony's own style of grill.


The craticula is for Macedyn's inhabitants not only one of their specialties, but a social event of its own. By tradition, you will always find one craticula in a bonding ceremony, birthday, or graduation event, as well as for casual family gatherings. Historical records trace this tradition as far back as the implementation of the first cattle on the then nascent outpost.

How it is made

The craticula barbecue is generally made of a large, low-level stone fireplace built in a garden, or near a colonist's dwelling. Large quantities of meat are placed horizontally on a metallic grillage that can sometimes reach up to 4 metric units long.

The particular taste of the craticula, however, resides in the type of charcoal used, taken from a wide variety of Macedyn's pine trees. The sap, extracted separately, is then processed in order to be safe for consumption. It is usually sold in bundle with the charcoal. The sap is to be applied to the charcoals before ignition.

This is how the distinctive sweet spicy taste is obtained during grilling, a process called fumeus.

The Fascea grill

The fascea grill is simply a vertical standing version of the craticula, where bigger lumps of meat are put vertically over the fire to be smoked. In doing so, the cooking time is greatly increased, giving a more gamey taste.

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