The Mercier-Taglia 35 "Broadsword" is a select-fire combat shotgun produced by the Mercier-Taglia Corporation as a competitor to the Ariake Katana for the Alliance's Improved Small Arms Program.
LS13 Shotgun

MT-35, with stock folded.


While the Alliance eventually rejected the Broadsword citing its' bulk (One tester noted "With a full combat loadout, it'd be probably be easier to carry an actual broadsword"), it seems this hasn't discouraged private buyers: collectors value the Broadsword for its unique design, while mercenaries and security personnel find the weapon's low heat production, devastating firepower and fully-automatic fire a great asset in close-quarter combat.


The MT-35 was derived from "Super Shotguns" such as the Pancor Jackhammer and the SPAS-12.    

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