The MSV Deep Space Prince is a Kowloon Class freighter, owned by professors Arthur and Kate Lyman, who intended to use it to seek out Prothean ruins in the Attican Traverse. Due to unknown circumstances, the vessel's crew went missing during its journey, leaving it to be discovered by chance by an Alliance scout.

The Lymans, both professors at the University of London on Earth, funded the expedition themselves, including ownership of the vessel and recruitment of a full crew, primarily human, but including a volus physician, an asari engineer, and a turian security chief. The expedition gained media attention when it was revealed that the Lymans also planned for their five-year-old daughter, Nancy, to accompany them. The expedition set out as planned, but was declared missing in December 2184 CE, Terran calendar.

An Alliance frigate discovered the derelict Deep Space Prince during a scouting mission in 2186 CE, empty but fully functional. No evidence of the crew's fate was found, although the databanks had been deleted. The autopilot was guiding the ship on a course towards the Citadel, but at a sub-light velocity that would not see it reach its destination in any conceivable lifespan.

Following the Alliance's announcement of the discovery, the Asari Republics, Turian Hierarchy, and Vol Protectorate asked for representation in the team being assembled by the Alliance to conduct further investigations, in light of their citizens' presence on the Deep Space Prince's crew. Among the crew's family members seeking answers was Vallen Alick, mother of security chief Tarius Allick, who revealed that her daughter had had misgivings about the expedition prior to its launch. Representatives of the involved governments were included, and the team investigated the freighter thoroughly, but ultimately were unable to provide any explanation for the crew's absence, or the erasure of the relevant databanks. Following the conclusion of the investigation, the Deep Space Prince (having been disassembled) was moved to a storage facility on the Citadel, to facilitate access for further investigation in the event that new information came to light elsewhere.

Controversy arose during the investigation when it was discovered that Dr. Merd Klet, representing the Vol Protectorate, had removed several small pieces of the freighter and made arrangements to sell them privately. Dr. Merd Klet was removed from the investigation, pending charged being laid against him, but up to twelve pieces had already been sold, some to buyers outside of Citadel-aligned government jurisdictions where their recovery was doubtful.

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The discovery of the MSV Deep Space Prince was reported in the following Cerberus Daily News updates:

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