Salarians, but not affiliated with the Salarian Union, and not welcome in Citadel Space.

Some use the term "Lystheni" to indicate any renegade salarian that is no longer a part of the Union, as the name in salarian society has long been associated with "traitor". Others use it to refer to a lost sub-group of salarians that decided to take their chances in the Terminus Systems as opposed to being a part of the Union. Even more refer to Lystheni as a specific sect of salarian defectors that seek transcendence from their mortal forms and short lives to become more perfect beings.

Some Lystheni communities are small states in their own right, run in a corporate fashion by those with no genetic difference from the salarians in Council space. There are smaller Lystheni enclaves in places like Omega, Cartagena and some minor districts on Illium; again, their inhabitants are no different from the salarian norm, biologically speaking. Then there are communities who genetically augment their children from birth -- those factions of the Nemean Abyss and deep Terminus about which so many strange and frightening rumours are spread.

As one self-identified Lystheni put it: "Like much of the Terminus, the Lystheni are a 'grab-bag', if you will. Reach in, and see what you find."

Selections From The Grab-Bag

The Principality of Velka and its predecessor state were the child of Lystheni salarians, and continue to be dominated by them. Salarians permeate throughout the social ladder from poorest beggars and labourers to the throne.

The Pan-Helvost Consortium is another predominantly-Lystheni state, in this case corporate-run.

The Lystheni Confederation, a conglomeration of well-hidden transsalarian Lystheni outposts, research groups, stations, and colonies across the galaxy, proudly invoke their heritage as outcasts, and their various houses are often considered united as one group. Lystheni are common in the Nemean Abyss, creating many of the famed N-Tech devices, and lesser wonders like the popular Avyrdines.

A Lystheni dynasty called the Sarac, confident that they can do what so many others have failed, is attempting to harvest the mineral wealth of Bannik, in the Dakka system. Eldfell-Ashland currently supplies them the eezo necessary for the massive, demanding mass effect generators installed on the robo-mining drones sent to the planet’s surface. Despite high mineral yields, the Sarac have had trouble getting their prize off-world. Time will tell if the investment is worth the return.

Lystheni slang includes "Galapas", meaning "dried up cloacas". Products carrying their name include the Lystheni siraari fire noodles, featuring literally explosive peppers.


“Surprise tactics are the best kind of tactics, and nothing surprises the enemy more than dropping an entire fucking army on his shrelling head.”

- General Riplid Sera Alvok Pelasala Lystheni Manaap, Pan-Helvost Consortium.

"Doubt the showman, scorn the brute. True strength comes from uncertainty"

- TAIW Chea Ai-Jelos, Lystheni Disciple of Shrell, 1822