"Low in profile, low in comfort, but vigilant ships at our borders." - Admiral Olga Romanov, NHDF

Filling in the need for a peacetime working horse, NH Dynamics was contracted to build a cheap and reliable cruiser. Combining asari aesthetics with human engineering, the company fulfilled their contract.

Using an asari design and adding human engineering knowledge to it, this ship is fast, agile and bears two spinal cannons with heavy shields and can travel through a cluster without needing extra fuel during its tour. Usually deployed in groups of three these ships they can keep up with many heavy frigates and in large space battle mimic their tactics. Such agility comes at a drawback. Once the shields are penetrated, there isn't much left to stop the slugs from hitting, the armor is more of an alibi than actually useful and aside from its primary cannons it sports only a laser-based GARDIAN defense.

Role: flank assault, border patrol, leading wolf packs.

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