Turian Cruiser

A Lorica at the Battle of the Citadel

You know you've made a warship too generic when it's only known as 'a cruiser'.

The Lorica is the single most ubiquitous cruiser design....ever. Made in 1000 CE, as one of the Turian Hierarchy's earlier cruiser designs as an official part of the Citadel Council, the Lorica found its place as a wolfpack leader and frontline combat frigate almost immediately, and proceeded to resolutely stay there for the next 1200 years.

Its armor was retrofitted, the guns were upgraded, the GARDIAN systems were replaced, and the hull design changed ever so subtly, but despite 1200 years of increasing technology, the Lorica never really changed how it looked. The original designers hit upon a winning frame, and, as a result, it's nearly impossible to tell, on outward glance, the difference between a 1500CE produced Lorica that's been well maintained, and a brand new Lorica.

Until the newer one trivially pounds the older one into so much scrap, of course.

The Lorica is so ubiquitous among Hierarchy, Mercenary and Terminus Systems forces that they are less often referred to as 'Loricas' and more often referred to as 'cruisers'.

Known Ships