Dr Linya M'Tanis, known on the board by her handle "Scientific Pursuits" is a relatively young asari living on Illium. She works in a research laboratory in Nos Astra, her ability as a chemist belied by her energetic, cheerful demeanour.


Early life

Linya was born on Mannovai to Mirala T'Narf and a salarian father. She and Mirala lived there until her father's death when she was eighteen years old, after which they moved to Sanves. There she stayed for around a century, which was punctuated by frequent, extended visits from her older sister Zelana. The two always got on well, and maintain a close relationship even to this day.


For the first couple of decades, Linya was tutored by her mother as the salarian education system on Mannovai was far too intense for her to cope with. Once they had moved to Sanves, she was enrolled in a local school and soon caught up with her peers.

Linya studied chemistry at the University of Plonaea, where her mother worked as a xenoliterature professor, excelling and staying on to complete her doctorate.


Elara T'Meyra

Linya met Elara through the boards - initially, their relationship was a casual one, meeting up to "snuggle" on occasion. This has since developed into something far deeper than either of them expected, and the two have since confessed their love for one another.

Kenec'Getha nar Iblin

Kenec was staying on Illium during his hunt for Paro'Valis, and in an effort to lift his spirits Linya invited him out dancing at a club called "Illiumination". They had a very enjoyable evening, despite Kenec having health problems in the subsequent days. They have stayed in touch somewhat, even sharing an apartment during Linya's visit to the Citadel.

Emile Ó Bhroin

Emile and Linya are connected via Zelana, Linya's sister and Emile's girlfriend. They are not very well acquainted, only having met each other once, but are on as good terms as can be.


  • The initial idea for Linya's characterisation was similar to that of Dragon Age 2's Merrill, if she were filled to the eyeballs with caffeine.
  • Linya speaks Thessian Standard with a pronounced Sanvesian accent - this comes through human English translators as a mild Scottish lilt.
  • Linya's photoshopped appearance is based on images of Kajal Aggarwal.

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