"Death is no sadness. We pass like flowers on the wind or lights on the water. Where there is death, there will soon be more life. ...That's what mother always told me. Siari. Well, I don't fucking plan to die today." - Fidere in the opening narration of Like Lights on the Water.


Like Lights on the Water is a massive holo-drama that begins in medias res, following a middle-aged Fidere Callyx on one of her defining missions as an asari commando. Flashbacks tell of her childhood friendship with another young asari (Aera), and their eventual seperation when one persues a career in the arts and the other goes into the military. Flash-forwards follow an elderly asari in the middle of an attack on her colony, attempting to guide a young child to safey.

Interspersed in throughout the film is Fidere's narration, which provides context to each scene. The holo is notable for utilizing non-linear flashbacks and flash-forwards to tell three stoylines at once, eventually braiding them together to meet at the end... or as Fidere would call it, just another beginning.


  • Ercha Phalea as Fidere Callyx
  • Thrisa Derran as Aera Lacra
  • Ceira Helpha as young Fidere
  • Veilre Faira as young Aera


Filming took almost fifty years, and the hours unused film alone amounts to almost half that time. Contracted actors traveled from planet to planet as filming demanded, sometimes waiting months for the perfect weather for a shot. "Nothing but the real thing would do," the director commented to Holo magazine. "And it shows. You won't see better quality anywhere... I'm very proud of the actors and their perseverance."


The soundtrack is known for mixing unusual combinations of sounds into the music. Combining the hum of authentic asari songblades, krogan battle drums, and salarian pipes into the traditional arrangement of strings and glass harps for truely distinctive melodies.


While critics sometimes found the holo-drama too... well, dramatic for their tastes, it's become something of a cult classic. It's gained a strong extranet following, spawning a series of novels, two collections of comic books, and fan-made content beyond number.


  • The opening narrative is a paraphrased asari prayer that runs in a similar vein to Song of the Journey.
  • The title of the series is a reference to a common name of the plant Viseka's Gift.

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