“We have heavy cruisers in-”
-Final transmission of pirate cruiser Taxicus during the invasion of New Nicaea

Described alternately as “veritable monolith...more akin to a battlestation than a ship” in the 2184 annual report of High Shipwright Valtus of Imperial Arkia and a “stupidly huge gun with a shitton of armor” by Warlord Ravenor Thrak; the Stymphalian manufactured Leviathan is, at its heart, a well armed command and control node. Draped with multiple layers of ablative armor and bristling with three primary accelerators, over a dozen heavy broadside cannons, plus banks of ultraviolet GARDIAN, Leviathans have been employed by Terminus states, warlords, and corporate interests alike. Typically finding service as either flagships or the hardened core of an assault fleet these cruisers are known for two things: their sluggish pace and the absolutely devastating amount of firepower they can bring to bear on their targets. While their deficiencies can be mitigated by Mass Effect Core upgrades (a fairly common tactic in the Abyss), the fundamental issue is an unavoidable byproduct of the lion’s share of the ship’s power supply being relegated to maintaining weapon’s performance as well as strategic and tactical efficiency.
As with all Stymphalian manufactured ships the Leviathan Class Heavy Cruiser is modular to a degree, with official aftermarket additions including an expanded CIC, extended troop holds and hangars, and the aforementioned upgraded eezo core.


Nothing new here, just an update and revision of a design I had on the old boards.

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