"And to Lepantis Corvax, a more eloquent man than I could ever dream to be." -- Harrad Illum

Lepantis Corvax was an erudite turian who worked as an Invictus-based salesman for Empirus Lawnmowers. An eminent family man, his marriage was marred by his bombastic extranet presence, strongly Hierarchy-centric stance on a human terrorist extranet forum, and his overt hatred towards krogan.

Before the war he forged a bond between Empirus and Trask Interstellar, which included slowly establishing a working environment alongside Veritas Imperius. His other contacts on the forums included Harrad Illum and Juhani Ragum; the latter tried to help Lepantis and his wife Caecilia fix their deteriorating marriage, with slim results.

Come Reaper War, Lepantis responded to the draft call from Invictus and joined their legions. His mental health deteriorated severely when he thought that his family had perished on Palaven (they didn't, Caecilia and Eurymedes survived the war on the Citadel), leaving Lepantis living partly in an imaginary world from where not even Caecilia or Juhani could rouse him. He was last seen on a departing Invictan troop transport as the colony began to withdrew their legions closer to home amidst a mutiny towards Primarch Victus, with an arrest warrant for shooting human civilians during the Cerberus coup.

His current whereabouts are unknown, and no one knows if he lived past the war.


Introduction: Corvax arrives on CDN.

Invictus: Some backstory.

Taetrus: The turians and humans start arguing about war and empire.

Son, I am Disappoint: Asari girlfriends are a big deal.

When Chickens Come Home to Roost: A nasty Valentine's surprise.

Aftermath of the above].

Guess Who's on the Citadel: Best to take the family somewhere else for a bit.

On krogan

Happy Borunian Massacre: The krogan holiday brings out the, er, best in Corvax.

It's On, Skyllian Monkeys: First Contact War or Relay 314 Incident?

The humans' secret shame: Discoveries in a bookshop.

Stabbed in the Back: A ranting Corvax after Terra Firma make the news.

Response to Bahak: Not happy with the humans.

Towards the end (breakdown):

Dear Cerberus


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