Chronicle of Starlight model kit

Leisuretech (a corporate subsidiary of the Dassus Venture manufacturing guild) is a manufacturer of a variety of hobby products and materials, including board games, sporting equipment, scientific education kits, home technology products, and so on. Leisuretech's research and development operations are conducted by the Dassus Venture guild, on Thessia - the corporation handles mass manufacturing and retail, utilising a number of wholly-owned or subcontracted factories and freight carriers throughout Citadel space. Many Leisuretech product lines include limited numbers of high-priced hand-crafted versions, created by the guild itself.

Among Leisuretech's hobby products are the new Legends series of starship models, capitalising on a recent surge in the popularity of model kits. The Legends series is aimed at builders seeking a significant challenge, with a minimum of pre-built components, and an emphasis on sophisticated microengineering during the construction process - each model, when completed, is capable of powered flight, using a microcore and VI-chip linkages within the propulsion system to recreate, scaled down and within home interior conditions, the zero-g manoeuvring properties of the full-scale vessel represented. Accuracy in appearance and behaviour is guaranteed by cooperation between the kits' Dassus Venture designers and representatives of the navies/operators of the vessels in question wherever possible. Despite their complexity compared to regular assembly or pre-built models, Legends kits include exhaustive manuals, intended to help enthusiasts of any level of prior experience learn the skills necessary for construction.

Two kits have gone on sale thus far: the human Alliance Navy dreadnought and Fifth Fleet flagship SSV Orizaba, followed by the asari dreadnought Chronicle of Starlight, famed for its actions during the Krogan Rebellions. Future releases announced to date include the turian battlecruiser Void Shatha, the historic salarian fleet flagship Coda, and a limited-edition guild-crafted kit of the asari pleasure liner/station Scarlet Aerogen.

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