Young Asari by luciferous
Laira T'Scara is a 120-year-old asari, who resolved to become a justicar in order to bring her mother's killer to justice. She posted on CDN as "JustICElivesOn".

Laira is a "pureblood" asari, with two asari parents; her non-birthing mother was Talia T'Nara, who became a justicar herself, and disappeared in 2106 CE Terran calendar on Thessia. Laira, a huntress, petitioned the justicars to release the name of the murderer Talia was investigating at the time of her disappearance, but the sisters declined, feeling Laira was too young and rash to be allowed to pursue justice in such a manner. Nevertheless, although not accepting her for full justicar training, they consented to have Laira conduct a period of trial service to the justicars. She was provided with a ship, fitted with an automated navigation system that would randomly determine her destination at each relay jump, and required her to follow the Justicar Code, and a number of additional restrictions, during her travels as a means of assessing her commitment to the Code, as opposed to simple vengeance.

Laira thus travelled at random within asari space, punishing the guilty in accordance with the Code wherever she encountered them, and hunting for clues to her mother's killer. Knowing that, should she ever be fully accepted as a justicar, she would be required to live an ascetic life, she took advantage of the pleasurable meetings and experiences she found on her travels while she could. In 2186 CE she was recalled by the justicars to commence the training regime that, if she survived, would make her a full justicar. As part of the requirements of her new position, she ceased contact with personal acquaintances (including posting on CDN) at this time.


Laira is related via Talia to Daia T'Nara; the relationship is distant, with Daia's side of the family aware of nothing of Talia's activities beyond her becoming a justicar.

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