A businessvol living and working on the Citadel. An impatient, unpleasant volus, he is deeply spiritual, living his life in accordance with the teachings of The Book of Plenix. His attendants calculate his accumulation and loss of plenix (akin to karma) almost constantly. According to Hie Neum, with whom he has some unexplained history, Kuat Nom is likely to be involved in anything shady that doesn't actually involve hurting people up front.

Kuat Nom is one third of the private moaning circle/support group grandiosely (and ridiculously) named The Council. SlowAndSteady (Xuumo-kalashasi) is another third, and feels an obligation to the volus, which is reciprocated -- despite the fact that they can honestly barely stand one another.


(Not counting imagination spots or brief references).

Hannibal, Our Book Confirms: The Council meets and moans.

The Romans Knew He'd Lost His Head: Xuumo presents his new partner.

Geth developments: Brief appearance on the news. Look ma, I'm on HV!

In-Duction Day: Helping - or "helping" Hie Neum and Laykalar.

My Hat It Has Three Corners: Getting impatient.

Tri Harder: Kuat Nom hungers for backstory.

A Bowl Full of Jelly: Laykalar ropes him into a Christmas project.

There To Meet With...: Kuat Nom has an ambitious plan!