Ravanor Kroskul, known as simply 'Kroskul' on stage, is a krogan musician. She goes by Kroskul on the CDN boards.

Early Years

Ravanor Kroskul was born March 27th, 1777 to Ravanor Wrayak (mother) and Quash Kregok (sire), and is the only child born from their union. Kroskul grew up in the Ravanor female camps with her mother, her younger half-brother, and her grandmother. Her mother and grandmother took up fishing as their livelihood and as a means to help pay for some of the expenses of the camp as a whole during harsh times. Kroskul learned to fish right along beside them and became quite skilled at it. Despite the harsh, chaotic life she had growing up on Tuchanka, she had a fairly happy childhood and a loving family.

Introduction to music

Her interest in music first began when she was a young pup experimenting with anything she could find to see if she could turn it into a makeshift drum. Her fascination with music only increased as she learned old Ravanor battle songs and, eventually, began to explore popular music via the extranet. She grew fond of a few krogan bands, but they never toured anywhere near her camp when they even bothered to stay on Tuchanka at all. On her 20th birthday, she was given a flute.

Rite of Passage

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